Integrating finance with agriculture and finding sustainability’s ‘Northstar’ – AgFunderNews

Defining sustainability and helping companies build it into their foundations were key themes woven throughout a recent three-day working event for StrikeTwo. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and run by blockchain-focused food and beverage consultant The New Fork, StrikeTwo examines how technology can positively impact the food system. Experts, startup founders and entrepreneurs come together […]

Brussels demands share of London derivatives clearing – Financial Times

The EU will demand that derivatives traders use accounts at clearing houses in the bloc for some of their transactions, as part of plans to take a share of the €115tn market processed through the City of London. Banks dealing with large quantities of contracts that are deemed “systemic” by regulators would have to clear […]

Embedded finance: the next-generation opportunity – FinTech Magazine

The modern e-commerce landscape has rapidly evolved to offer consumers faster, simpler and more secure payment methods. Rather than cumbersome bank transfers and checks, consumers can now make seamless transactions directly from merchants’ apps or websites. Bolstered by increasing demand for more frictionless payments, embedded finance has grown drastically. According to McKinsey, the industry grew […]

How FTX Peddled Risky Derivatives—and Let Its Own Traders Run Wild – The Information

Since the stunning FTX collapse, investors in the company have been pushing the narrative that this was a business that looked rock-solid from the outside—so solid, they couldn’t possibly have predicted its downfall. But from day one, FTX offered deeply risky products that fell well outside the norm of typical financial risk—so much so that […]

4 Concerning Personal Finance Charts – A Wealth of Common Sense

This is how Americans spend their money1 (according to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics): Like most aggregates when you’re dealing with hundreds of millions of people, everyone’s spending is probably somewhat different than these averages. But directionally these numbers look right to me from a big-picture perspective. The two biggest line items […]

FTX Withdraws US CFTC Derivatives Clearing Plan: Bloomberg – CoinDesk

LedgerX, which does business as FTX US Derivatives after being acquired in 2021, filed a plan to directly settle crypto derivatives, cutting out intermediaries, earlier this year. The move met with opposition from traditional financial players, such as Cboe, which warned that there may be investor safeguard and protection concerns.