Mastering Derivatives: ‘Butterfly’ for sideway moves – BusinessLine

This week, we discuss the butterfly strategy. In contrast to straddle and strangle, a butterfly is a low volatility strategy. A butterfly should be set up when you expect the underlying to move sideways. Three parts, low volatility Picture a butterfly with a body and two wings- three parts in all. That is what the […]

5 pandemic-driven financial habits worth keeping –

As the pandemic shut down the world around her, Ashli Smith , an Atlanta resident and mom to a newborn, says she set up autopay for her recurring bills to help her stay organized and avoid late payments. “With everything going on, plus being a mom, I don’t want to forget to pay something or […]

The Business Finance Guide – economia

Business Finance Guide Securing financial advice To find the right financial option for your business, getting the right advice is crucial. Find out more about how to secure the support you need. Read more Business Finance Guide Managing your cash flow Economic uncertainty can affect cash flow. Get guidance on how best to manage cash […]