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Yemeni governorates receive Saudi oil derivatives grant – Arab News

ADEN: The governorates of Hadramout and Mahra in Yemen have received a new batch of Saudi fuel derivatives from Aden, offered by the Kingdom under the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen.

Hadramout received 11,300 tons of diesel, with 8,300 tons distributed to the coast and 2,000 to the valley, while Mahra received 4,000 tons of diesel to meet the supply needed for electricity generation stations.

The new batch for Hadramout and Mahra is part of the fifth distribution of Saudi fuel derivatives to Yemen, with amounts reaching 60,000 metric tons of diesel and 30,000 metric tons of fuel oil.

Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has undertaken more than 204 development projects. (SPA)

Through this grant, Saudi Arabia seeks to contribute to the stability of fuel prices, improving services in all vital sectors, developing infrastructure, limiting recurrent power outages and improving the daily lives of Yemeni citizens.

Meanwhile, SDRPY said it has raised the efficiency of electrical energy at Aden International Airport, by providing the airport with two electric generators with a capacity of 636 kVA for each generator, totaling 1272 kVA, to improve services provided to travelers and airlines.

SDRPY supplies two electric generators with a total capacity of 1272 kVA, to improve services provided to travelers and airlines. (SPA)

The new support from the SDRPY contributes to raising the level of services at the airport at all levels, and provides a qualitative solution in supporting it’s infrastructure, as part of the airport’s rehabilitation project.
The SDRPY also announced it has opened four new schools in the island of Socotra, benefiting 5,170 people. 
“The model schools built by the program contribute to creating a good educational environment that enables schools to implement their educational programs and extra-curricular activities through facilities equipped with the highest specifications, including scientific and computer labs, and volleyball and basketball courts,” SDRPY said.

Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen opens four schools in the island of Socotra. (SPA)

The program seeks to develop schools and educational facilities to attract students and provide comprehensive education for both sexes, in addition to providing jobs through various educational institutions.
The SDRPY has provided more than 204 development projects and initiatives that it implemented in various Yemeni governorates in seven basic sectors, namely health, energy, transportation, water, education, agriculture and fisheries, and capacity-building of government institutions.