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Wellness Movement Educator Holds Finance Workshops For Financial Education – Forbes

Rach Junard (she/they), a nonbinary Wellness and Movement Educator and cofounder of wellness collective You Good Sis, saw a need in their Nigerian community to break down the barriers of money talk and create an accessible space for others to attend. Knowing that it takes twice the work to get half of what mainstream attains, Rach set out to educate and empower people of color with the knowledge they need to change generational issues.

Having followed financial advisors and mentors such as the Budgetnista, Rach is setting up workshops, Minding my Blessings, to help other Black and Brown women, femmes, and non-binary folks. This is a storytelling workshop that talks about some of the biggest fears surrounding money. From a first-generation experience, talking about the foundation of your relationship with money, how to work with that relationship and master it is addressed. Helpful tips are offered for how to manage the budgeting and financing aspect of personal finance management.

Having not spoken about money and how to manage money with their parents or other family members while growing up, Rach realized that it wasn’t just them. Many people grow up without these skills and don’t have the luxury of having a place to learn money management skills.

Rach decided that they wanted to help break the generational money gap and start educating others. Hence, the Minding my Blessings workshop was formed. This workshop offers tips that participants can implement immediately, such as checking your bank account balance every day, to larger and more meaningful topics such as success and abundance should be yours firstly and it’s ok to put yourself first while helping others.

This workshop aims to teach others:

Managing money mindset

Rach knows that there is a money mindset issue that needs to be addressed with people. Rach aims to help others lose the scarcity mindset where they believe that there will never be enough money or that they may not deserve to have a lot of money. Rach helps them understand that they are indeed worthy of wealth and that building their wealth and living a financially prosperous life is possible and attainable.


Offering alternative money management strategies

We’ve all heard the typical money management advice of creating a budget and using an app to follow and maintain your spending, but those strategies don’t work for everyone. Rach digs deeper to get to core of issues and helps people understand the how and why of money management as well.

Attendees leave with a transformation

Attendees walk away with a better understanding of why you shouldn’t fear money and a plan of how to better budget without feeling like you’re scraping for pennies at the end of each month. A stronger sense of financial empowerment and confidence is felt and attendees are excited to implement the new skills that they have learned.

Rach Junard wants to make a difference in the first-generation immigrant community by offering education and resources that lift others up and educate them on how to break the cycle of financial distress. The bottom line is with the right knowledge and skillset, you can improve your financial situation from wherever you are at.