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Treat the finance geek in your life* to FT Alphaville merch – Financial Times

Secret Santa season is under way, and you don’t have a clue what to get Joao in compliance or Jane from FX. Or maybe you’ve decided 2023 is the year you’re finally gonna wear your love of finance on your sleeves (across your chest, hanging off your arm, etc.).

Thankfully, FT Alphaville is here with a range of festive shopping options, as we continue to find ways to clear Robin’s leveraged ETF trading losses raise money for future pub quizzes and spread the good word of financial fun.

We’ve launched a store on Redbubble, where you can find a slew of FTAV designs across a great many products.

© Redbubble/FTAV

Have you ever wanted:
— An Andrew Bailey coup mouse pad?
— A “Team Transitory” sticker?
— A SoftBank slides T-shirt?

We’re assuming the answer is “well yes, now I do”. If so, you’re in luck. Head on over and feast your eyes.

NB: Look at both the “Shop products” and “Explore designs” tabs to see the full smörgåsbord.

PLUS: Thanks to this agile, inventory-absent model, where FTAV does the designs and Redbubble does everything else, we are able to add more designs on request, or expand the current designs to more products if desired. Perhaps there is an old FTAV meme or Photoshop you’d love to get for that special someone?

So if you have any idea for something we can add, let us know in the comments/via email/on Mastodon/via post.