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The Small Exchange Introduces the First Crypto Stock Index Empowering Investors to Trade the Stocks Behind Crypto – Yahoo Finance

Small Cryptocurrency Enables a Unique Opportunity to Invest, Speculate, and Manage Risk in Securities Driven by Growth in Cryptocurrencies with One Easy Trade

CHICAGO, September 27, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Small Exchange a revolutionary futures exchange offering smaller, simpler products aimed toward retail customers, today announced another first and product innovation with the launch of the Small Cryptocurrency Stock Index (SCCX)*. Individuals can start trading SCCX on October 4, 2021.

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The Small Cryptocurrency Stock Index (SCCX) requires 50% less capital than Micro Bitcoin Futures, stocks or ETF that comes out while measuring the performance of 17 stocks that drive the digital asset industry including Coinbase, RIOT, as well as Greyscale BTC and ETH. (Graphic: Business Wire)

In the last 15 months, the Small Exchange has continued to advocate for retail traders to access simple, smaller contract products and further open the futures marketplace with the introduction of nine products that capitalize on market opportunities with exposure to multiple asset classes including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and now crypto. SCCX also offers the same capital efficiency. The SCCX requires 50% less capital than Micro Bitcoin Futures, stocks or ETF that comes out while measuring the performance of 17 stocks that drive the digital asset industry including Coinbase, RIOT, as well as Greyscale BTC and ETH.

“SCCX is a way for investors to participate in crypto derivatives without investing in stablecoins and the limited trading capabilities the unregistered crypto markets provide. This product is more capital efficient and less expensive to trade than any potential ETF, single stock, or even more so than Bitcoin futures or Micro Bitcoin futures offered on other markets,” said Don Roberts, the Small Exchange President and CEO. “We are delivering exactly what the retail trader is looking for, the simplicity of a cash settled derivatives product that trades on a registered contract market.”

“It’s exciting to see the Small Exchange continue to innovate with products such as the SCCX as it offers a crypto tracking index to a registered derivatives market that offers our customers trading opportunities in this space at a lower cost with greater capital efficiencies than they can get from other markets,” said Scott Sheridan, CEO of tastyworks. “I am very interested to see what they come up with next. I have no doubt, it will be some very unique products in the derivatives space.”

“As a member of the Small Exchange, the launch of the SCCX contract is an exciting development in this alternative asset class,” said Brooks Dudley, Global Head of Digital Assets at ED&F Man.

The Small Exchange continues to believe the future of trading should focus on low-cost, standard futures products that will open market opportunities for small traders. The company’s entire product suite was designed with an efficiency that empowers like futures and a construction that’s simple like stocks.

The Small Exchange has 21 partners including some of the world’s largest trading firms, brokerages and market makers including Kore and Budo Trading, tastyworks, Interactive Brokers, Citadel Securities, and Jump Trading. It has traded more than $3 billion in notional value in its short history. To learn more about the Small Exchange’s offering, visit

About Small Exchange: Based in Chicago, the Small Exchange – backed by award-winning industry innovators and powered by a proprietary trade matching engine – is a registered Designated Contract Market (DCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The Small Exchange’s mission is to become the world’s largest customer-centric futures exchange, bringing products that bridge the product gap for investors of all sizes by providing futures products that are smaller, more capital efficient, simple to use, and easy to understand for all participants. The company facilitates the trading of exchange-created proprietary products for all types of market participants including, but not limited to market-makers/liquidity providers, Introducing Brokers (IBs), Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), proprietary trading firms and hedge funds, all with a primary focus on the public retail customer. Please visit for more information.

*Product pending, and subject to, all relevant CFTC filings

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