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According to the relevant statistics, 2021 cryptocurrency trading volume reached $112 trillion for the whole year, about half of which are perpetual contract transactions ($57 trillion). Blockchain, as a highly revolutionary, innovative and disruptive technology, will undoubtedly be the detonation zone of the next generation industrial revolution, and the global digital derivatives market has great potential for development.

As a global innovative crypto financial service platform, Tbit squeezes into the ranks of global mainstream exchanges. Through ten questions and ten answers, Tbit will take people to understand the different Tbit.

Tbit Ten Questions and Answers

1. What kind of platform is Tbit?

Tbit is an innovative crypto financial service platform serving global users, providing derivatives trading of more than ten kinds of mainstream crypto. With multiple core systems of technology, products, services, and risk control, Tbit is rapidly developing into a global first-rate derivatives trading platform by virtue of its mature ecological method and professional derivatives R&D capability.

2. What channels and languages does Tbit support?

Tbit currently supports the use of web and APP terminals, and is available in two languages, Chinese and English.

3. What are the advantages of the Tbit platform?

* Six special features that make the contract experience the first in the industry.

* The world’s first contract dual incentive model.

* Dedicated to 15 mainstream coin derivatives services with fair prices and rich variety.

* Independent deployment of self-researched technology to protect capital security

* Real collocation and refusal of betting, earnings can be withdrawn at any time

* The core team is full of big names and strong.

* Dual license of US and Seychelles MSB.

* 100BTC risk guarantee fund.

4. How does Tbit achieve the highest yield in the industry?

Tbit platform is user-centered, providing pre-set stop-loss, position inversion, position splitting, market price position addition, lightning trading, one-click position closing and other special features to meet the different trading needs of users. Tbit also provides unique double incentive, four major security trading guarantees, double compensation for accidental losses, etc. In terms of profitability, Tbit provides users with additional chips for profits and subsidies for losses, making trading stress-free and achieving the highest profitability in the industry.

5. What is the current market situation and business development of Tbit?

As of February 10, 2022, Tbit is ranked 30 in the Feixiaohao. The exchange currently supports more than ten kinds of digital assets, mainly spot trading, contract trading and OTC business, and has localized operations in many countries around the world, including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

6. What is the strategic positioning of Tbit platform?

Brand positioning: Opening a new era of derivatives trading.

With the premise of compliance, security and professionalism, Tbit is committed to providing global crypto asset enthusiasts with decentralized crypto asset trading services that are safe, easy to use and the ultimate experience.

7. What is Tbit’s partner incentive system?

Tbit has a milestone reward and a retirement model reward.

Milestone Bonus: From the initial partner, if the commission reaches 600,000 USDT within 60 days, people will receive a bonus of 10,000 USDT the following month.

Pension Mode Bonus: From the initial partner, if the average monthly commission is greater than 1,000,000 USDT and the average daily number of contract traders is 100, people will receive 10,000 USDT bonus the following month; if the average monthly commission reaches 2,000,000 USDT and the average daily number of contract traders is 200, people will receive 20,000 USDT bonus the following month; and so on, up to a maximum of 50,000 USDT bonus in a single month.

8. What is the strength of Tbit’s team?

Tbit was founded in February 2021 in the United States by Steven, a former executive at TRON Technology Co., Ltd, and Raoul Fried, a derivatives scientist from Singapore, in conjunction with the blockchain industry elite, and currently has a team size of 100 people.

9. How strong is Tbit’s capital?

Tbit offers a contract experience that maximizes yield, is backed by strong financial strength, and has its own risk margin of 100 BTC.

10. What is the future plan for Tbit?

Tbit, as a global innovative crypto financial service platform, will build a complete ecology around crypto asset trading covering five major maps, such as derivatives, coins, eco-passes, eco-partners, and decentralized business.

In the future, the era of decentralized financial service platform belonging to Tbit is coming, and Tbit expect every user to harvest their fruitful results in this platform with the help of digital cryptocurrency.

Tbit official website: https://www.tbit.vip

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