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Structured Investment Sales Pros Launch Structured Products Consulting Group – PRNewswire

“The time is right to emphasize the benefits of utilizing derivatives and structured products as a critical risk management and yield enhancement tool for financial advisors.  We formed SPCG to bridge any knowledge gap advisors may have and to provide an objective, independent view of a wide breadth of best-in-class strategies at no additional cost to the advisor or their end clients,” said Eric Miller, CFP®, founding principal of SPCG.

SPCG has forged alliances with firms including Halo Investing, Van Hulzen Asset Management, Harvest Volatility Management, Fort Point Capital Partners and Bluestone Capital Management. 

Jason Barsema, Halo’s President said, “We are proud to collaborate with SPCG due to our core shared vision of helping financial advisors embrace structured products through technology and a consistently positive experience.”  John Pearce, Lead Portfolio Manager of Van Hulzen said, “After building our flagship covered call strategy organically over the past two decades, we are excited to work with SPCG to broaden our reach.  We believe SPCG’s offerings are incredibly timely and relevant.”  Roy Haya, Managing Director of Fort Point added, “With markets at all-time highs and tax increases on the horizon, hedging concentrated stock is now all the more important to protect wealth and defer gains.  SPCG is the ideal partner for fiduciaries who need bespoke risk management solutions.”

Andy Robertson, Principal at SPCG explained, “I joined SPCG because I believe in the overall vision of partnering with advisors to navigate the broad spectrum of derivative solutions available in today’s marketplace.  Our goal is to leverage our extensive industry experience to help advisors enhance their capabilities to better meet their clients’ objectives and to attract and win new business.”

Eric Miller, CFP®
[email protected] 
866-440-SPCG (7724)

SOURCE Structured Products Consulting Group

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