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SpiderRock Partners with CloudQuant to provide Historical Derivatives Data Access via API – Business Wire

CHICAGO–()–SpiderRock Gateway Technologies and CloudQuant (CQ) prove that access to large, complex, point-in-time historical data doesn’t have to be difficult. SpiderRock launched the Liberator API service which allows clients to skip the complex data onboarding process and simply use Microsoft Excel(™) or common programming languages to access data with one simple interface.

SpiderRock Liberator, a restful API service, delivers options, stock, and futures point-in-time data while hiding the complexity of data location, size, structure, and time-series issues increasing efficiency and reducing the time it takes to put the data to practical use. Traders and researchers can spend more time using the data and less time dealing with data management.

“Our clients use the Liberator API to shorten the time it takes to go from idea to practice,” said Craig Iseli, SpiderRock’s COO.

“SpiderRock’s clients no longer have to rely on FTP and batch programs because their spreadsheets, risk tools, and investment analytics tools are simply calling for the data,” said Morgan Slade, CQ’s CEO.

About CloudQuant

CloudQuant (, @CloudQuant) is an Alternative Data (AltData) Company serving global financial services and B2B clients. Our platform empowers organizations to realize the power of historical and streaming data. Thousands of high-value datasets are accessible directly to researchers through a single integration. Companies liberate their own data silos within the organization without costly reengineering. Empower data scientists, investment researchers, managers, or engineers with simple and frictionless access to data. CloudQuant’s data advisors and research team utilize artificial intelligence to sift through massive quantities of alternative data to locate valuable sources and provide clients with data intelligence and analytics services. CloudQuant simplifies Alternative Data.

About SpiderRock

SpiderRock Gateway Technologies (, is the data & analytics division of SpiderRock. SpiderRock is a technology provider that creates and deploys some of the most innovative algorithmic routing and risk management solutions commercially available to service buy-side funds, investment advisors, bank desks, and proprietary trading firms around the world. The SpiderRock platform is a high-performance, cloud-based trading system empowering institutional clients with tools to construct, manage, and scale equity, futures, and option strategies.