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Revolutionary “E2U™” Yeasts & Derivatives Simplify and Enhance Fermentation Operations During Harvest –


Imagine yeasts that do not require the cumbersome step of rehydration prior to use, providing winemakers with maximum performance and flexibility during the characteristically hectic days of harvest.

Further imagine that it can be pitched directly into the must without compromising fermentation or any of the desired phenological characteristics of the wine, including flavors, aromas, colors or levels of alcohol.

Sound too good to be true?

Fortunately for the worldwide winemaking community, this is the stuff of reality from Fermentis, a business unit of the Lesaffre Group, which has been a global leader in the research and development of fermentation products for the food, biotechnology and beverage industries for nearly 170 years.

Fermentis has certified a wide range of yeast strains as E2U™, short for “easy to use,” that give the winemaker the choice of pitching directly into the must without prior rehydration, saving them critical time, energy and water use, while also offering greater safety, convenience and pollution reduction options during overall winemaking operations.

One of the important benefits of E2U™ is that rehydration is still an option for winemakers who prefer that preparation step with their yeast. Extensive trial results have shown that both the standard methods and E2U™ protocols have the same performance characteristics, a breakthrough for winemakers looking to effectively expedite the winemaking process without sacrificing quality.

Learn more about E2U™ yeasts production, certification, trials and use recommendations.

Also certified E2U™ in the Fermentis portfolio is ViniLiquidTM, the first ever liquid  product developed specifically to aid the fermentation process in all types of musts.   ViniLiquidTM acts by optimizing the synergy between soluble and insoluble parts of highly degraded autolyzed yeasts providing organic nitrogen, survival factors, vitamins and support to the yeast. The innovative liquid form of the product is particularly convenient and safe for users. It is highly beneficial for wineries facing operational time management issues as it speeds up fermentation time compared to a dry form product of equivalent composition. It is available in different sizes to be suitable to any fermenter size and setup (210kg pumpable bag or 6kg jerrycan).

This month, in conjunction with the Fermentis Academy teaching program, Fermentis has partnered with CDR Food Lab and Parsec to present the Fermentis Academy for Winemakers North America, 2021: Solutions to simplify fermentation operations during harvest.

This highly educational four-part webinar series sponsored by the ATP Group focuses on providing comprehensive fermentation solutions for winemakers around the globe.

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To learn more, visit the Fermentis website or contact them directly at [email protected]