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RAI Finance Furthers its Social DeFi Ecosystem and Changes Token Ticker to SOFI – Business Wire

SEOUL, South Korea–()–As part of the new refocus as a DeFi protocol based on social trading, RAI Finance is changing its token ticker from RAI to SOFI.

SOFI is a combination of Social + DeFi, which signifies the team’s belief and recognition that social trading will be an essential element of DeFi in the future. The change aims to pioneer a more open, fair and socially engaging financial world.

In addition to the ticker change, RAI Finance has also updated its Logo. The new Logo’s main colors are purple and white, and the overall image is inspired by the initial “S” from “social.” Moreover, the design of the square frame and its two interior lines depict the close interaction between DeFi and socialization. RAI Finance believes its new logo represents innovation and social-centric development in their DeFi ecosystem.

Since its inception, RAI Finance has aspired to expand DeFi to more users and innovate among the current DeFi protocols by pioneering social trading. The team is ecstatic to start a new chapter in DeFi through social trading. Aligned with its new token name (SOFI) and logo, RAI Finance positions itself better than ever before to make a lasting impact as one of the leaders of DeFi 2.0.