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Quube Exchange Aims to Bring NFT Derivatives Swap to Global Markets – EIN News

Quube Exchange & LevelBlox Inc.

Quube Exchange & LevelBlox Inc.

Quube Exchange will accelerate a new NFT protocol for the global crypto market from its currently planned merger with LevelBlox Inc.

LevelBlox Inc. (OTCMKTS:LVBX)

Quube is on a path to become a compliant De-Fi polygon for NFT derivatives and other tokenized securities in the global crypto world.”

— Anzor “Enzo” Zhemukhov, Quube Founder, CEO

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / — Quube Exchange, a leading ​​quantum-resistant blockchain ecosystem, announced within the crypto community that it is gearing up for a strategic merger with LevelBlox, Inc., one of the leading Software Asset Management (SAM) application developers in the blockchain industry. According to a Letter of Intent, the deal has LevelBlox Inc. acquiring Quantum Warriors OU, d.b.a. Quube.Exchange to subsequently trade as “QUUB” in the OTC Market.

The capital raise and share placement following the merger is intended to accelerate Quube into becoming a premiere NFT Derivative Swap Protocol. This would advance Quube into hosting cross-chain trading of NFT derivatives as investment tokens linked with NFT collections and lifetime royalties, achieving a major milestone in the Quube Exchange journey.


Quube Exchange has announced its equity tokenization product “EQD” ( in beta just several months ago. The EQD platform provides a “turn-key” solution for the digitization and tokenization of traditional assets. The platform makes it easy to tokenize a wide range of assets such as real estate, private equity, gold, diamonds, proven reserves, and establishes protocols for tokenized securities, which have become highly popular due to a surge in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with some selling in the millions of dollars.

While types of tokenized securities and NFTs are expected to increase, so will the various channels through which creators can generate NFTS and buyers can trade them.

Over the last several years, Quube has seen this industry shift arriving and has built its platform to address the legal importances of KYC and Swap Protocol adoption, innovating and transforming the way crypto derivatives are traded.

When a digital collector invests in an NFT, a complex series of technology steps are triggered on a blockchain, far different than buying an original physical art work at an auction. In the case of collectable NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, a buyer stakes an amount of ETH (cryptocurrency), thus taking some portion of “profit share tokens” in return. Those tokens automatically receive royalties that become payable on each transaction, allowing the investor to now have copyright tokens in their collection. These profit share tokens can be regarded as “Royalty Tokens”.

“Non-Fungible Royalty Derivative Tokens” are a core scope of the “Quube Derivative Swap Protocol”, a complex DeFi app for these new type of crypto derivatives, managed through Quube’s EQD platform.

This new framework allows NFT creators to fully leverage the growing sales and trading potential of NFTs by launching a derivative token based on a new Quube ERC standard (an extended 1155 standard), issuing a derivative token contract when an NFT is created and extending the NFT into a “profit spitter” functionality.

The results are a single derivative contract that gives NFT creators both immediate and perpetual cash returns. As collectibles are expected to remain in the market over time, this new Quube Derivative Swap Protocol helps NFT creators realize lifetime royalties due to perpetual trading and increasing value.

The Quube Exchange team has taken on the current challenge of solving regulatory demands while transforming a new type of asset and reporting standard, leveraging ENS (Ethereum Name Service) systems for KYC to make regulation, reporting and settlements easier than ever before.

According to Quube Founder and CEO, Anzor “Enzo” Zhemukhov, “Quube Exchange is on a path to become a compliant De-Fi polygon for NFT derivatives and other tokenized securities” while pioneering a new generation of self-regulated and transparent applications for the crypto world.

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