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One of the most popular budgeting and financial planning apps for iPhone, dubbed Copilot, is expanding to the Mac for the first time. Copilot combines in-depth reporting and personalization to help you budget and track your finances, with “hyper-personalized finance data insights powered by machine learning.”

Copilot works by aggregating all of your different accounts in one place. This includes things like credit cards, checking and savings accounts, loans, and investment data. From there, the app learns from your transaction history and other data points to give you insights into your spending.

Copilot is a beautifully designed home for your finances. It automatically tracks your accounts and helps you navigate your finances throughout the month. It also finds and tracks your subscriptions and bills, notifies you when you get paid, and shows you an end-of-month summary that accurately reflects where your money went and how your net worth changed.

On Copilot everything is customizable, and you can easily train it to better understand your finances. You can also connect your investment accounts to see your holdings and returns.

Using your transaction and spending data, Copilot creates what it calls “realistic budgets” based on that activity. The budgets are automatically created based on that spending data, but you can fine tune them to your liking and see how you compare every month.

You can use Copilot to monitor all of your accounts, receive push notifications for deposits and unusual spending, and track your financial health over time. The app also helps you track all of your various subscriptions so you know how much you’re paying every month for streaming services, apps, and more.

The Copilot app for the Mac will be familiar to anyone who has used it on the iPhone. There’s a central dashboard view, then a menu along the left-hand side that allows you to dive into specific transaction history, account data, and more.

I’ve been a Copilot user for awhile and rely on it (combined with the Google Sheet I refuse to give up, even though I totally could) to give me a broad overview of my finances on a daily basis. The addition of a Mac is a major upgrade to the Copilot experience, as budgeting and tracking financial data on the iPhone was cumbersome at times.

One thing, however, that I think is important to point out is that everyone has a different way of tracking their financial health. While Copilot works for me, it may not work for you. There are plenty of other budgeting and finance apps on the App Store if that happens to be the case.

Copilot for Mac is a universal and native application, which means performance should be fast and reliable on any Mac, whether it’s Apple Silicon or Intel. You can download it from the Copilot website today. The app costs $8.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

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