Pennsylvania SBDC Announces Larry March as Associate State Director of Finance –

The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) announces Larry March as Associate State Director of Finance.

Prior to joining the state office, March served as the Program Coordinator and Operations Manager for Louisiana Tech. While overseeing a classified project in partnership with Louisiana Tech Research Institute, March provided interdisciplinary research and education capabilities to government and industry partners. Additional responsibilities covered financial compliance, growth analysis, administrative consulting, and tax advisory. Previously, March held roles in Grant Management and Research Administration at Louisiana State University.

March has diverse experience in business management, accounting, and auditing. Within his role at the state office March has various responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, oversight of the state office budget, oversight of audit compliances, and securing new forms of funding and grants. March is often viewed as an experienced, ambitious accounting technician, bearing knowledge of both the public and private business sectors.

When asked about his journey prior to the SBDC, and how he felt about joining the team now, March replied, “Being born and raised in Mississippi, I would have never expected to be here so far away from home, yet I am happy that with PASBDC I feel right at home here in Kutztown.
I am excited for this opportunity to use my professional skills and training to help achieve the goals of assisting efforts to improve, grow, and sustain small business owners, entrepreneurs, minority business owners, and other related subgroups across the state of Pennsylvania.”

“We are very excited to have Larry March join our team. His expertise rounds out an all-star cast of individuals who make our PASBDC Lead Office shine. Overseeing the financial management of a statewide program consisting of 16 different universities takes precise planning and strong attention to detail. With Larry’s background, I am sure he will rise to the occasion,” said Sarah Mailloux, PASBDC Associate State Director of Programs and Policy

March will play a fundamental role with the PASBDC in their commitment to strengthening new businesses, growing existing businesses, and providing resources and educational programming. In 2021, the PASBDC services included business consulting for 14,713 clients, supported 689 new businesses, grew 62,085 jobs, and helped clients obtain a total of $233,035,250.37 of new capital.

For further information check out Larry March’s LinkedIn.