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Paytm Money rolls out an F&O dashboard for derivatives – BusinessLine

Paytm Money, a subsidiary of IPO-bound Paytm, has rolled out an F&O dashboard in India for retail trading in the derivatives segment.

The dashboard offers tools that were previously available only to institutional clients.

Users can access data in the derivatives segment with a single tap when making trading decisions.

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Varun Sridhar, CEO, Paytm Money, said, “Lack of access and information asymmetry are among leading causes for bad trading decisions, and we want to ensure that our users are empowered with the best tools to make better trades. We designed the F&O dashboard to be comprehensive, but also intuitive to navigate.”

The derivatives segment accounts for nearly 95 per cent of the trading value on exchanges in India.

Retail participation in this segment has been low historically, but there has been a significant uptick over the past few years. However, derivatives data can be complex, and is usually hard to collate from multiple sources. So retail investors are often at a disadvantage compared to their institutional counterparts.

Why the current crop of retail investors are different

The F&O dashboard is now live for existing and new Paytm Money users.

The dashboard includes an option chain for stocks and indices, open interest analysis, option greeks, and heat map for futures positioning.

If a user wants to look at Nifty Index options, she must tap the ‘option chain’ icon and it will display the call and put options at each strike. Similarly, the heat map helps investors understand the long or short positioning in each constituent of a particular index, and identify the stocks positioned in a particular direction.