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MoneyTime Finance Capture Value with Unique Tokenomics – Yahoo Finance

SINGAPORE, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The growth of DeFi has brought many challenges to the crypto scene; a challenge that remains unsolvable so far is that of inflation price, but that will not be so for long. MoneyTime Finance has developed an innovative way to solve this problem and capture value on a long-term basis, which will benefit miners and ensure token price stability.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it is a liquidity mining platform capable of ensuring steady growth for prices of inflationary tokens due to its unique tokenomics. Before now, the regular approach of most mining farms on the smart chain is to issue native token rewards excessively, which leads to a high number of such tokens on the open market and a subsequent drop in their value. In the end, only a few users who are able to sell on time earn profits, while a multitude of others suffer losses.

MoneyTime Finance is towing a different route by considering the interest of all users to ensure a steady price with high returns. Do you ask as to how will MoneyTime achieve this? The answer lies in encouraging users to mortgage mining and hold the native token instead of selling it off as soon as possible. Simply put, it is all about taking the pressure to sell off the users.

This will be possible because users will earn for mortgaging their native $TIME tokens. When users provide liquidity, they will be rewarded with Time tokens, but instead of selling, they lock their reward token in to earn Money tokens. The longer the mortgage period, the more rewards users will earn. But during the time of the mortgage, they cannot mint any token. By doing this, MoneyTime promotes long-term holding, which guarantees price stability as the seller is never under pressure to sell. The pressure will always be on the buyers who need to buy $TIME to participate. We all know this means they will be willing to pay higher prices which guarantees steady high returns.

Several benefits come with MoneyTime apart from its truly positive tokenomics. Miners stand to benefit the most as they get 50% of the transaction fees, with the other 50% permanently locked among several other benefits. Users need not worry about inflation too, because the token repurchase and burn mechanics help keep the supply in check and deflate tokens. MoneyTime Finance captures token value to ensure long-term growth and returns; this is a liquidity mining platform with a difference.

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