MCX Launches Two Certification Courses On Index Derivatives And Options On Futures – Exchange News Direct

MCX, India’s leading Exchange in commodity derivatives market today introduced two certification programmes – MCX Certified Commodity Index Professional (MCIP) and MCX Certified Commodity Options Professional (MCOP) for professionals, traders, students, academicians and other aspirants in the commodity markets.


On this occasion, MD & CEO of MCX, Shri P. S. Reddy said “MCX is proud to introduce the certification courses on Commodity Index derivatives and Options. These programmes will greatly help students, traders and other stakeholders alike in building strong career in the commodity market, and value add richly to the commodity eco-system.”

The primary objective of the certification programmes is to enhance the understanding of Commodity Index Derivatives and Commodity Options with underlying as Commodity Futures i.e. Commodity Options on Futures and how these financial instruments can be put to use by the market participants for price risk management, portfolio diversification, trading, arbitraging and investments, etc. The content for the certification courses has been conceptualized and developed in consultation with subject matter experts.

The assessment of the certification programmes is through an online AI proctored test which can be taken by the registered candidates from anywhere remotely.

The Certification programmes cover various aspects including:

  • Understanding of Commodity index futures and their underlying indices built on commodity futures contracts, their benefits, etc. 
  • How Commodity index futures can be optimally leveraged by applying basic financial modelling techniques as used for other financial markets products;
  • Nuances of Options on Futures as a derivative instrument;
  • Key terminologies of Options, pricing models, trading and hedging strategies;
  • How the contracts are designed; operational dynamics of margining, clearing & settlement;
  • The process of Options devolvement into underlying futures on exercise.

The Exchange has successfully launched futures trading on three sectoral iCOMDEX commodity indices viz. MCX BULLDEX, METLDEX and ENRGDEX during last two years. Further, during this month MCX has added options contracts on Natural Gas futures to its existing bouquet of option products on its trading platform.

On enrolment, the eligible candidates are given the study material (E-copy) and on successful completion of the programme, candidates will be awarded the Certification.

For more details on the said courses and registration, please visit MCX Education and Training section on the MCX website,