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Innovative Art Derivatives Platform CANART.SHOP is officially launched – Taiwan News

Select merch art prints just in one tap, Putting the world’s greatest works within reach

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 19 July 2021 – Innovative art derivatives platform CAN ART has officially announced its global launch. Art is the essence of life that brings unlimited possibilities to the world. Art derivatives can also be named as “merch art”, which is a combination of art and merchandise, making art more easily accessible to everyone. As an art-derivatives oriented platform, CAN ART, does not only act as an innovative medium for art enthusiasts to select their favorite ones from a variety of merch art, but also provides artists with an alternative to earn passive income.

Innovative Art Derivatives Platform CANART.SHOP is officially launched

Break the stereotype of being unrealistic Reinvigorate the artwork industry

Based in Hong Kong, CAN ART is an art brand for global artists, art enthusiasts, fashion lovers and the broad consumers. Founded in 2018 by a start-up backed by Hong Kong Science Park, CAN ART has won the Winning Award of the Entrepreneurship Competition. The brand upholds the concept of “Everyone Can Art”, and furnishes art with new carrier through art deliverables, bringing innovativeness in conjunction with vitality to art. CAN ART aims at introducing artistically valuable products to customers, likewise, narrowing down the gap between consumers in the new generation and art, enabling the general public to be exposed to artwork in a simple journey.

Authorized by artists Diversified art derivatives

Art lovers can find artwork that encompasses specialty, diversity in addition to stylishness on CAN ART art derivatives platform. Up till now, launched derivatives on CAN ART include digital micro-jet prints, T-shirts, sweaters, canvas bags, mobile phone cases, puzzles, etc.

All products are the derivative pieces of classic masters, contemporary masters and on-trend illustrators. With the adoption of high-definition environmentally friendly printing technology as well as strict quality control, not only do the products be restored to the original work to the utmost, but also enchant buyers with the best user experience.

Over a hundred artists have been cooperating with CAN ART. Notably, their original art derivatives (authorized) have also hit the shelves on the platform. Every purchase of yours represents a support to artists, at the same time helps bridging their artistic creation to the market. CAN ART is dedicated to act as a platform for artists to unleash their potentials by displaying their distinct and novel artwork in front of the public.

Create passive income on CAN ART at ZERO

Upon creating an account on CAN ART, artists can publish their artworks for sale through the platform for free. They can also upload the art derivatives, subsequently edit the information of their work and select the artwork classification accordingly. When artists have completed the submission, CAN ART will then review the work and price all derivatives in a uniform manner. For each product sold, artists can receive a certain amount of income from the sales revenue at a specific percentage. CAN ART will be responsible for the promotion, marketing, production, packaging, transportation and logistics of art derivatives. In short, artists only need to upload their own works and enjoy their passive income.


CAN ART is a derivative brand of global fine original art, IDG Asia incubator, which is the member company of Incu-App programme initiated by Hong Kong Science Park. With the concept of “Everyone Can Art”, CAN ART emphasizes the derivation of original art works and adopts the PGC+ flexible production model, bringing customers quality products with high artistic value, outstanding individuality and innovative dissemination of art.

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