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How you Can Elevate The Future Of Personal Finance To Change The World By 2030… For The Greater Good – Forbes

A world where investing in you will become your best personal financial plan.

The world of personal finance in 2030 is going to change in many ways. We are going to work longer and differently and for many of us will have the burden of paying for those that have not managed their own personal finances to accommodate for an extra five, or ten years’ work presents whole range of challenges for us as a society?

The podcast with Joseph Deitch the founder of the Commonwealth fund ($160bn in assets) is a window into how we can re balance ourselves towards a future where enormous leaps in bio-technology as well as more traditional technologies like 3D printing of organs will become daily realities.

See this podcast as a guide to what we should be doing as leaders in organizations to help our people best prepare for a financial future that will need to be managed differently.

Joseph S. Deitch is an American business executive and philanthropist, and the author of Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life. In 2018, he founded the Elevate Prize Foundation, whose mission is to “empower individuals and organizations whose ideas and endeavors elevate the human experience.

AI and the Internet of things, Quantum computing, the cloudification of near everything will change our lives. We should expect both of these technology engines to change how we think about our own personal financial management models for 2030 and beyond. We will be tracked by healthcare companied, rewarded for the right behaviors we have to manage and will live longer because of it.


The next ten year needs us all to invest differently for our own financial futures. As leaders we need to help others get to this new world. Think about these facts from Joe Deitch:

·      Life spans will increase with leapfrog advances. There are 69,000 people in Japan over 100 years old.  How many more will there be in Japan and across the world by 2030?

·      Every year science finds ways to increase life spans by a year every year. Will we be able to help fund our own new levels of longevity?

·      60% of those over the age of 50 have no money set aside for retirement. The next generation will pay for this with increasing taxation. How will this help them save for the future?

·      College debt will age out but also go down because political solutions will be needed for some level of debt forgiveness by 2030. Colleges themselves will be a convergence of physical and digital experiences to cut costs down. We will move from a brick to a

·      We will need to think about the ideas of self-management very differently. Careers, personal development and finance will need to core parts of how we manage life as it increasingly falls in our hands. Leaders in companies can play a major role in helping their employees learn these self-management skills.

·      Investment portfolios will be AI driven and all very similar. Differentiating on your personal portfolio will need super niche knowledge. To many of us this will just put too much pressure on each of us unless you know a local, professional or niche market knowledge.

Deitch’s Elevate prize is designed to recognize people globally who have remarkable skills but need political, resource and management consulting skills all in one network for big change. Change is invariably best expressed and understood through stories. On a flat planet where we can see, feel and start to understand each other through these stories this is a vital way to build empathetic and supportive systems that don’t just give back but can solve really big problems.