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For Crypto Derivatives Trading — Bybit Packs a Trifecta of Core Perks – Yahoo Finance

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For any current crypto trader or anyone looking to get into it, many hurdles can be snags or dealbreakers. Let’s say you’re sitting at a coffee shop and are trading a bucket of Bitcoin — are you secure using their Wi-Fi? Even though cryptocurrencies themselves are secured on a blockchain, this does not necessarily mean that the actual account infrastructure is as lock-tight.

A significant number of investors and traders take overall safety as a significant concern. Combining this with the high speed and stakes of derivatives trading, especially in the volatile cryptocurrency market, downtime and latencies are not an option.

One company that attempts to tackle these issues head-on is trading company Bybit. Bybit describes itself as “the biggest crypto company you haven’t heard of,” partly due to its focus on derivatives trading, which is performed by a smaller number of traders than simple cryptocurrency market trading (it also runs a learning center for those who want to learn more about crypto and derivatives).

To facilitate an optimal environment for crypto derivatives traders, Bybit focuses its platform to be able to meet the specialized needs of such a clientele. Its core mission is ultimately to provide three main areas of value for its users.

Top-Notch Liquidity

– Bybit focuses on having “one of the best open interest in the world for BTC and ETH futures contracts, as well as the smallest spread to minimize price slippage.” For most traders, liquidity is crucial for reliable, smooth and efficient trading. In the crypto markets, where liquidity can be harder to come by than large-cap stocks (especially before innovations such as liquidity pools), Bybit offers a standout focus on this important aspect of trading.

Industry-Leading Reliability

– Bybit “always executes, treats your trade fairly and makes sure you will never be left hanging, especially when you most need assistance.” Since cryptocurrencies do not operate on any canonical or physical exchange, the market is always open. For traders, this means that platform reliability can be a must at all times of the day and week.

World-Class Security

– Bybit states that, “the extent of security investment reflects the overall security commitment and capabilities of a company. Bybit leads the industry in security investment, with 25% of its budget to this area.” For any trader, security is crucial, especially when operating within so-called “hot” storage of crypto assets, which are constantly linked to the internet.

While Bybit’s platform is not yet available in the United States, for crypto traders elsewhere who are interested in the platform, signing up is accessible right here.

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