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eSchool for board & committee members focuses on CU finance fundamentals – CUNA News

CUNA Credit Union Finance for Boards & Committees eSchool (recorded) arms board members with the financial knowledge they need to be successful leaders of their credit union.

“Governing a credit union is very challenging, but understanding your CUs financial condition doesn’t have to be if you understand what to watch for,” said Kienan Shaw, instructional design manager, CUNA. “This eSchool teaches board and committee members what gauges to watch and how to understand a credit union’s financial condition before the regulators or auditors tell you.”

Attendees learn to:

  • Read and analyze balance sheets
  • Understand the role of risk in financial decision making 
  • Utilize asset-liability management (ALM) in financial analysis 
  • Calculate and evaluate key ratios 

Board and committee members who complete the eSchool also earn the CUNA Credit Union Board Financial Literacy Certificate to satisfy the NCUA requirement for financial literacy.

CUNA Credit Union Finance for Boards and Committees eSchool (recorded) is available through June 6, 2024. It consists of six recorded sessions that will only take you six hours to complete at your own pace. This recorded eSchool is free for credit unions that subscribe to CUNA Training Bundle.