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On December 20, in order to seize the major opportunities in the derivatives trading market, break through the bottleneck of the development of decentralized exchanges, create flexible cross-chain bridges, open up the digital asset circulation network, and realize the interconnection of tens of thousands of chains, Sustany-Capital invested 10 million U.S. dollar, reached strategic cooperation with Eangelmarkets to promote decentralized and fair trading of derivatives.

Eangelmarkets and Sustany-Capital strategically cooperate to promote decentralized and fair trading of derivatives

The investment funds of this strategic cooperation will be mainly used to build a flexible cross-chain bridge. The Eangel cross-chain bridge is a function of asset and data interaction between the external blockchain and the EA blockchain, allowing users to transfer assets between EVM compatible chains to improve scalability. Eangel cross-chain bridge supports cross-chain of native assets on different chains, which will help all public chains, project parties, wallets, etc. around the world to gradually open up the circulation network of digital assets in each silo and establish a new era of decentralized derivatives trading with the interconnection of all chains. The flexible cross-chain bridge has the advantages of improving transaction speed, free interaction, security and privacy.

Sustany Capital is a blockchain venture capital fund headquartered in California, USA. In addition to investing in blockchain-related projects, Sustany Capital also provides its expertise to companies and institutions interested in securities-type products.

Christian Kameir, managing partner of Sustany-Capital, said: “As a star project of the decentralized derivatives exchange, Eangelmarkets has received the focus of many investment institutions. Flexible cross-chain bridges are an important ecological layout and core innovative technology of Eangelmarkets, which is important for the entire project. The implementation of the plan is of great significance. Through this lead investment, we will vigorously support the steady advancement of the Eangelmarkets project with practical actions, increase transaction speed, allow users to interact freely, and improve security and privacy.”

Eangelmarkets is a new multi-chain derivatives contract trading platform with a friendly automated market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol for secure, fast and cost-efficient exchange/token, cross-chain transfer and liquidity mining of all cryptocurrencies. By bringing together the trading advantages of CEX and DEX through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, it helps users to use different derivatives trading services with faster trading speed, better security, better liquidity and capital efficiency.

In addition to supporting decentralized spot trading and traditional financial forex, gold, stock indices, etc., Eangelmarkets also supports futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance and many other derivatives trading, while the unique flexible cross-chain technology will cover spot trading of all kinds of tokens, as well as on BSC, Ether, Polka, Polygon, Matic, TRON and other mainstream public chains for derivatives trading.

Eangelmarkets said: “This strategic cooperation is of great significance to Eangelmarkets. Investment funds will be mainly used to build flexible cross-chain bridges. Flexible cross-chain bridges are the core part of the ecological layout of Eangelmarkets and an important manifestation of original core technology. It is an important carrier that reflects the superiority of the decentralized derivatives trading platform, and is of great significance for promoting the decentralized and fair trading of derivatives.”

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