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London, UK, Aug. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For investors, centralized trading platforms are no longer a preferable option. As a result of rising vulnerabilities caused by hackers, the credibility of these platforms is diminishing. In this circumstance, the idea of a decentralized trading platform that adapts transparency, security, and safety for consumers appears to be more crucial than ever.

The owner of DIKE stated: “We intend to provide investors with a transparent, secure, and trustworthy environment. Instead of a central server, users at will transact using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Therefore, concerns regarding lack of transparency and security will be alleviated.”

On that basis, DIKE was established with the objective of providing investors with these outstanding 3 features:
1.   DIKE’s Security and Privacy

Users are not required for personal information while trading with DIKE since the platform has removed the need for a third party. Personal data breaches, fund losses, and thefts are all avoided.

2.   Secured credit with DIKE

The cryptocurrency used for the transaction will be integrated with the user’s MetaMask wallet, hence, entrusting money is unnecessary. DIKE does not hold nor interfere with users’ wallets.

3.   Transparency of DIKE

With the smart contract usage model, the data on DIKE reflects the actual trading volume, there is no chance of counterfeiting and price manipulation.

Also, users would be rewarded if there were any price anomalies detected.

Even for beginner investors, gives a very basic model for predicting market volatility. Users can collect winnings at any time. For operations, system maintenance, events, and other expenses, the issuer will deduct 2% to 3% of the reward value. Approximately 3% of the award value will be retained to divide dividends to DIKE token holders.

DIKE is working on issuing tokens using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with a maximum supply of 128 million tokens. The token distribution is allocated in the following manner:

Users who hold DIKE tokens will have certain benefits:
​​- Users’ fees will be decreased when trading with
Dividends are distributed twice each year (on June 30 and December 31). This is something that has never been done before, which is remarkable.

DIKE tokens holders can swap directly to BUSD on

To summarize, is a decentralized trading platform that was released in August 2021 applying a blockchain platform to implement a smart contract usage model. It is a breakthrough trading solution that is transparent, secure, and private, as well as a prospective platform that will elevate your trading experience.

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50 Brown St, Manchester, UK
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