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CoinBene to Build a New Security Platform for Derivatives Segment – ACROFAN USA

PORT VILA, Vanuatu, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, CoinBene announced that it will build a brand-new security platform for derivatives market segments. CoinBene’s contract trading function has been widely recognized in the Asia-Pacific region in the third year of its existence, with the highest daily activity exceeding 15,000. After Uelington de Nascimento officially took over as CEO, it was acquired by a South American company in the fourth year of its establishment, aiming to expand its global business in 2021.

At present, the derivatives market has rebounded. Although it is still a long way from its peak in the first and second quarters of this year, the rebound has more or less confirmed that derivatives are still the evergreen field of encrypted money markets. No matter how the current encrypted currency market develops, trading platforms with high volumes generally provide an excellent trading experience during a rebound in the market. Strict regulation of encrypted currency derivatives places many restrictions on traders and users. However, this has not affected the derivatives market, which has been favored by entrepreneurs and investors.

Generally speaking, derivatives will remain unchanged in the cryptocurrency world, which is the basis for the traditional centralized exchange to survive in the face of NFT and DeFi. Since 2019, cryptocurrency derivatives market has gradually become the arena of exchanges. After a bull market cycle, the headline pattern gradually solidified.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the trading volumes of Coinan, OKEx and FTX respectively rank among the top three in the current derivatives trading market. It is not easy for latecomers to break their dominant position. It is also in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment that the top positions began to relax.

CEO Uelington de Nascimento, CEO of CoinBene, expressed strong interest in Latin America, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the United States. CoinBene currently provides customer service in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

CoinBene has been widely recognized and loved by users for its complete functions and concise and smooth transaction interface. CEO Uelington de Nascimento, CEO of CoinBene, has always stressed that “a good trading experience is the most important factor”. The user experience can be divided into usability and security.

CoinBene can help users reduce the risk of participating in derivatives trading and the threshold of participation. CoinBene’s product design allows users to easily access all the functions needed for a smooth trading experience. For example, the user can turn cash on and off in one second. CoinBene also provides novice users with a simple version of the product-the default timing diagram, which makes novice users have a more intuitive grasp of real-time price trends.

Before Coinbene, users were more common in full warehouse and warehouse-by-warehouse mode. However, this model is not flexible enough. Shortly after receiving the feedback from users, Coinbene spent a month brainstorming and developing a special warehouse-dividing model according to the needs of users.

In the separate position mode, users can flexibly set up multiple positions in the same direction for a certain currency. Each position calculates leverage and parity separately. At present, users can choose the modes of full position split, full position merge, position-by-position split and position-by-position merge.

At present, security has become the top priority of the exchange. A typical example is the “312” incident. During the “312” incident, a large number of panicked users visited the exchanges, which led to the downtime of many major exchanges, and the servers were overwhelmed and could not be accessed. They can only watch their positions collapse.

It is worth mentioning that CoinBene did not experience any downtime. In addition, the professional safety of the CoinBene platform has received a five-star rating from Bitforest and TokenInsight. In the area of encryption, downtime is hard to avoid completely. In addition to using index prices to anchor global spot prices, eliminating nailing and price manipulation, CoinBene also hopes to reassure users through insurance.

CoinBene has been growing through many improvements and changes since 2017. CoinBene’s commitment to “user-friendliness” and its pursuit of user needs have created many eye-catching innovative functions.

At present, CoinBene is likely to become the highest echelon in the global derivatives market.

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