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Alice Blue receives NSE Award as “Top three contributors in Equity Derivatives in the Southern Region” for the year 2021 – APN News

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Alice Blue receives NSE Award as “Top three contributors in Equity Derivatives in the Southern Region” for the year 2021

Published on February 15, 2022

Alice Blue has been awarded as ‘Top Three Contributors in Equity Derivatives in the Southern Region’ for the year 2021 by the National Stock Exchange of India(NSE). This award is a recognition of the company’s contribution toward to growth of trade in the Equity Derivatives segment.

Over 45% of Alice Blues customers trade in Derivatives on a daily basis. And with their sharp focus on servicing customers’ needs the company has been steadily adding newer investors to their base. This has given a sharp focus and steady growth to the day to day trading base among Alice Blue customers who trade in Derivatives.

Alice Blue is one of the early adopters of discount broking in India, has last year completed 15 years of operation in the country. The company is India’s 6th largest brokerage by its sheer trade volume. Founded in 2006, Alice Blue is present in over 20 locations and services over 1 lakh active traders and more than 10000 partners on a daily basis. Alice Blue has also been awarded as “the best stock broking company” by MCX in the last few years.

The company is steered by a dynamic leadership team lead by, Sidhavelayutham M., the Founder and CEO, who holds an MBF from the India Institute of Finance, and Rajesh K., Director – Commodity, overseeing customer service & sales development.

Alice Blue offers a host of web and app based trading products that are smart and simple to use. The company offers the ANT – An advanced (Web & App) based Trading Platform for its users which offers the convenience of trading even on the go. This has the unique feature of offering seamless trading even from remote places with low internet speeds.

Alice Blue has some great features that attract investors and traders of all age groups to trade in these derivatives.

  • Alice Blue charges just ₹15 per order which is comparatively cheaper than others. Since trading in Derivatives may lead to the placement of multiple orders due to market dynamics, a low brokerage is a win-win for everyone.
  • Also, the ₹15/Order is irrespective of the lot size. With Alice Blue, there are no minimum order criteria and no prepaid plans.
  • Trading directly from the Options Chain helps clients in taking faster decisions conveniently.
  • With Alice Blue’s trading platforms, traders can plot 69 technical indicators and establish different watchlists based on their needs.
  • Traders can set price alerts based on their trading patterns, and the system will notify them when the price reaches that specific number.
  • Traders can create a basket option strategy in which they can enter several strike prices with a single button press.
  • Alice Blue provides Collateral Margin on Pledging of Shares.