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How the ETF industry is tackling the next area of opportunity: derivatives – CNBC

The ETF industry has waded into a new area of opportunity. A regulatory change from the Securities and Exchange Commission last year opened up the use of derivatives for investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds. Previous regulation had limited the way in which funds could offer products with “potential future payment obligations.” Simplify ETF has […]

Vaccine mandates: Employees paying to be unvaccinated is ‘very much like smoking surcharges,’ expert explains – Yahoo Finance

Amid widespread vaccine rollout and the recent full FDA authorization of the Pfizer (PFE) COVID-19 vaccine, many employers are now debating whether to mandate vaccinations among their employees and whether to financially deter unvaccinated individuals. Delta Air Lines (DAL), for example, recently announced that it will begin implementing a $200 monthly surcharge for all unvaccinated […]